razor cami knitalong

Thursday, July 27, 2006

divide for front and back...

for anyone who has gotten to this point...how did you divide the stitches for the front and back? i'm (slowly) approaching that point, and would like to have my plan of attack mapped out.

progress has been made

the lifelines are in place, but have not been used. i'm glad i have them there, though. i tried two different yarns (a laceweight and some worsted cotton) before settling on some embroidery floss i had. it seems to be working out pretty well, even though the first one i put it came undone and lost a few stitches.

i'd estimate that i'm about 45-50% done with the knitting, not counting the sleeves.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i've been knitting...

the razor cami is going along pretty well. i've finished up my first hank of yarn, so i'm a teensy bit worried about having enough to finish. i was planning on getting another color / type of yarn for the straps anyway, so i might have to do the last bit of the back in another color, too. we shall see...

did anyone use a different yarn for the very top and straps? i know it says to in the pattern.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Progress shot

Here's my Razor Cami, about 13 inches in:

(Excuse the magazines, that's just me trying to figure out what to knit next.)

I'm using Sirdar Snuggly 4ply, in an aquamarine color (I've lost both the labels, so I have no idea what the actual color name is.) I added an inch to the ribbing, and I'm planning on going up to 17" or so before I split. I'm having trouble putting it down because the lace is so addictive.

warning: whining

i didn't want to soil the knitalong with my whining, so i tossed it up on my blog here. long story short: i frogged back to the ribbing.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i figured it out!!!

so...i frogged down to the ribbing and started working on the lace pattern and i actually figured out what i had done wrong very easily. i was making the final yo after the marker! that was it! i'm 6 rows into the lace pattern now and it's working up just fine.

thanks so much for all of the suggestions on what could have been the problem!!!


I wanted a button to this kal from my other blog, so I created this. It's just a silhouette of razor wire on a red background. It's not brilliant but I thought I'd share it anyway, has anyone created an alternative?

Razor finished

I've completely finished my daughters razor. I'm completely up for making more of these, although I'm not sure this would suit me, being quite fitted and I prefer looser garments. This would make a lovely present though, and it uses so little yarn and doesn't take too long to do, but looks delicate and summery.

This took me almost two balls of Cathay, but thats partly because I made two straps and then lost them and had to make more.

I've covered all my alterations on my blog. My daughter is 4, so I had to make this smaller. Also the straps are i-cord instead of knit.

It did take me a little while to work out a few things, like how exactly to split into front and back, but it looks great now. Im well pleased and will definitely make this again. Also, this razorshell lace pattern is gorgeous and easy to remember so I'll be using that again.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

pictures of me messing up

any thoughts?

here's another picture...

and an even bigger one.

if you look at the holes created by the yarnovers, they seem to be veering right with each row. maybe i'm just being paranoid and should have more faith in the pattern and my ability to read it correctly.

Monday, July 17, 2006


i'm having some problems. instead of having two nice columns of yarn overs going up the main body of my cami, i'm getting more of a twisty/angled-looking thing. i don't have time to take a picture right now, but i will tonight. i think this is where i'm having problems...

in round 1 of the lace pattern, it tells you to do all of that fun stuff between the parentheses (k1, yo, k4, etc.), but then it says to k1 when you get to the last stitch. however, the (k1, yo, k4, etc.) part uses 12 stitches and each round is a multiple of 12 stitches, so where does that extra stitch for the final k1 come from?

does that make any sense? i'm only about 4" into it, so i'd rather frog a bunch of it now than wait until i have half of it done and have to do the same thing anyway.

eta: i can't post a picture right now because my web host is having issues, but i'm hoping to have something up tomorrow.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I've finished the body of my razor. I have weaved in most of the ends, and joined front to back under the armpit. Just the straps left..

I did pick up sts and knit two i-cord straps, but after trying several ways of trying to attach them at the back i gave up. It just looked bad no matter what i did - any ideas would be appreciated because they looked a lot prettier than flat straps.

Also - the front is slightly too wide when my daughter trys it on, it is tight on her armpits. So when I make another one of these I may try to make the front slightly narrower than the back, somehow. It was hard figuring out how to split the front and back because of the pattern.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cathay Razor

Im doing my first razor cami in pink Debbie Bliss Cathay on 4mm needles. I started on dpns but the pattern wasn't as tidy as I'd have liked so I invested in some new addi's. This is such a quick and easy pattern to knit up, and it uses so little yarn, that I think I'll be making a few of these for presents. This first one is for my four year old daughter. I like that the pattern is so simple to memorise, I hate having to keep checking patterns for the next row instructions. And it's so small I can knit in the car (I'm a passenger not a driver ;)).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

my first knitalong

i ran across the razor cami a while ago and have been wanting to knit it for a while. i just realized i haven't made anything summery (or even spring-y), so i figured this would be a good thing to try and finish up before all of the warm weather is gone.

email me at lynnewio AT gmail DOT com if you'd like to join me. :)